About Cradmetech International

Cradmetech has begun its fundamental in 2011 in Malaysia by a technical geek who has a huge vision; the vision which enable to foresee the future of communication in telecommunication industry.

Every exclusive and reputable branding name, there is always a meaning behind it. So does Cradmetech. Cradmetech means Cradling New Media Technology, which happens to be the corporate remarks and that is what we are going to gauge to the needs of industry also the society as a whole. The founder of Cradmetech has more than 15 years of vast experience and knowledge in Telecommunications Technology. Target points are to cradle the new media technologies, uplift the methods of communication, lubricate the linkage between communicators for the betterment or even the enhancement of the communications itself.

Incline with our vision to become internationally well known, Cradmetech has move one step forward to visible its presence to penetrate the international market by creating Cradmetech International Limited. With the existence of Cradmetech International Limited, thefocus would be more into international business transactions that relate to digital online and mobile marketing channels.

In the same year, Cradmetech also acquires an entity named as Blue Dot Resources Sdn Bhd that operated and registered as a Content Provider to major telecommunication providers in Malaysia. Blue Dot Resources holds a valid ASP license to conduct the business according to the rules and regulations that has been set by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). Blue Dot Resources was established in a year of 2014 and within a short 2 consecutive years of its modus operandi, it has managed to secure a placement in top 10 best performance and revenue earns with one of Malaysia's renowned telecommunication provider.

With the acquisition and expansion, Cradmetech is ready to conquer the mobile advertising world. We have now marking our presence and roles in APAC regions that cover few countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.